The Beginning

Welcome to my health blog. I guess firstly I need to explain why I decided to do this publicly. I guess it is to motivate myself to keep on going. When you do something right in the open then you not only have an obligation before yourself but also to others. This also makes it harder to quit.

So, the goal of this blog is to keep my motivation going and finally get healthy. I never have had a problem on how I look. The issue that I am having, is that I am more and more aware, that I am getting older, and this weight will start causing health issues.

I will be documenting my journey until I will get to a healthy weight.

How shall I do it? With a healthy diet and finally getting my body moving regularly.

I will be using the Meal Plan from Erik Orgu and have a goal to get moving at least three times a week for starters.  

Start day: 3. January 2022.

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