Let’s talk about goals. Goal is to basically get healthy, feel good and have energy. But to see progress then I will brake it down in to numbers and goals.

I took the most obvious goal this is lose weight. Me and my husband both decided for -45 kgs. My dream would be -50, but goal will stay at -45 kg-s.

My bestie is a designer so she calculated out my ideal measurements in proportion to my figure:

Breast: 89 cm

Waist 72 cm

Hip: 96 cm

I will keep my current weight to myself. The reason is simple – I feel embarrassed to say that I let myself go this far. Maybe one day I will say what it was. Fair to say, my this time start is not at my highest.

But I will disclose my current measurements:

Breast is at: 122 cm (to lose 33 cm)

Waist is at: 105 cm (to lose 33 cm)

Hips are at: 136 cm (to lose 40 cm)

Total to lose: 106 cm. I will take my measurements once a month. These were taken on the 2nd of January.

Weigh ins: Weekly on Sunday.

Diet start was 3. January.

Movement goals: 3x a week as a minimum for 30 minutes.

Diet: I will be following the meal plan from Erik Orgu. Idea is to follow it to 100%, exemption one treat meal a week if really needed or if there are any events and celebrations.

Sounds pretty simple. I hope I will be successful.

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