Week 3

The weeks 1 and 2 were successful.

Week three was just -100 g and there is an explanation for that.

We did get moving 4 times in the week, because after our early morning 10 000 step walks we felt a little tiered. The goal was 3 days anyway so no guilty feelings there.

But why the loss was this little? Its because my husband finished his studies and we kind of “let it go” and enjoyed ourselves. We made a lasagna on Thursday and had a couple of Martinis. On Friday we had a croissant breakfast with Champagne and a big stake dinner. And on Saturday we took it a bit lighter but still gave in to a pizza craving.

On Sunday we got back on the wagon, even tough this was not that easy. Because… what would one more day of enjoying yourself will do? But we stayed strong and carried on. We had nice smoked paprika pork and bean tacos for dinner. Hopefully our party weekend did not leave a big damage.


Weeks 1 and 2

It’s time for an update.

I taught I would write about how the weeks one and two went.

Firstly it is -3,6 kg-s.

We were moving 5 times a week! And First week was 100% within the menu plan and the second one 90%.

The first week was quite hard, and we found ourselves craving for a lot of things. The funny thing was that we really wanted cake. Also we missed the Lasagna Fridays. Also we found ourselves hungry quite often.

Good thing is that if you feel hungry than you have a lot of snacks to choose from. From sweet to savory. Our definitive favorite snack is Halo Top ice cream. It just kills the sweetness craving. Also really good is the cheese plate. And a bowl of popcorn to share on a Friday night to a good movie.

Mine and my husbands breakfast wishes differ. He is more of a mushroom omlette, granola, smoothie type. Where I just like to have different things like porridges, fish and salads. There are just so many good endless things to choose from. What we both really enjoyed was the Breakfast Burger.


Generally cooking is really easy. I am used to cooking different meals anyway and I do prep the things ahead, so it makes it even easier. I like to choose quick cookable lunches that take about 20 minutes. Easy ones are like fried rice, mozzarella chicken and feta chicken. Salads are easily prepared the day before and everything can be cut the day before. You just throw meat in oven and it cooks itself.


With dinners I usually take a bit longer, because I don’t prep them. We really like the jacket potato, feta chicken and also the chicken schnitzel.


On week two we did cheat a bit and got some cake to share and made a tea party. This did not have any affect because we had a 8km walk before.


In generally we have been going for long walks about five times a week. I have been averaging about 11000 steps a week. The first week was actually pretty tough. On the second week it got easier and we started to put in more km-s. We actually got up before the sunrise and went for a long walk and got the 10 000 steps in before breakfast.


After the first week the cravings got less and general feeling got better. The craving for snacks also nearly went away.

All in all the first two weeks were a success.

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Let’s talk about goals. Goal is to basically get healthy, feel good and have energy. But to see progress then I will brake it down in to numbers and goals.

I took the most obvious goal this is lose weight. Me and my husband both decided for -45 kgs. My dream would be -50, but goal will stay at -45 kg-s.

My bestie is a designer so she calculated out my ideal measurements in proportion to my figure:

Breast: 89 cm

Waist 72 cm

Hip: 96 cm

I will keep my current weight to myself. The reason is simple – I feel embarrassed to say that I let myself go this far. Maybe one day I will say what it was. Fair to say, my this time start is not at my highest.

But I will disclose my current measurements:

Breast is at: 122 cm (to lose 33 cm)

Waist is at: 105 cm (to lose 33 cm)

Hips are at: 136 cm (to lose 40 cm)

Total to lose: 106 cm. I will take my measurements once a month. These were taken on the 2nd of January.

Weigh ins: Weekly on Sunday.

Diet start was 3. January.

Movement goals: 3x a week as a minimum for 30 minutes.

Diet: I will be following the meal plan from Erik Orgu. Idea is to follow it to 100%, exemption one treat meal a week if really needed or if there are any events and celebrations.

Sounds pretty simple. I hope I will be successful.

The Beginning

Welcome to my health blog. I guess firstly I need to explain why I decided to do this publicly. I guess it is to motivate myself to keep on going. When you do something right in the open then you not only have an obligation before yourself but also to others. This also makes it harder to quit.

So, the goal of this blog is to keep my motivation going and finally get healthy. I never have had a problem on how I look. The issue that I am having, is that I am more and more aware, that I am getting older, and this weight will start causing health issues.

I will be documenting my journey until I will get to a healthy weight.

How shall I do it? With a healthy diet and finally getting my body moving regularly.

I will be using the Meal Plan from Erik Orgu and have a goal to get moving at least three times a week for starters.  

Start day: 3. January 2022.