Week 3

The weeks 1 and 2 were successful.

Week three was just -100 g and there is an explanation for that.

We did get moving 4 times in the week, because after our early morning 10 000 step walks we felt a little tiered. The goal was 3 days anyway so no guilty feelings there.

But why the loss was this little? Its because my husband finished his studies and we kind of “let it go” and enjoyed ourselves. We made a lasagna on Thursday and had a couple of Martinis. On Friday we had a croissant breakfast with Champagne and a big stake dinner. And on Saturday we took it a bit lighter but still gave in to a pizza craving.

On Sunday we got back on the wagon, even tough this was not that easy. Because… what would one more day of enjoying yourself will do? But we stayed strong and carried on. We had nice smoked paprika pork and bean tacos for dinner. Hopefully our party weekend did not leave a big damage.